Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Welcome Vinyl Craft Idea

Hey Everyone!
My really good friend is being featured on VERY JANE today!!!
She has a vinyl lettering company called

She is featuring her "Welcome" vinyl today and for so cheap.
I bought one of her "Welcome" vinyl and decided to make a cool craft project out of it:
First, my husband cut the tops off of some old weathered fencing wood that we had, and nailed it to another piece of wood in the back.  Then he lightly sanded it.  We didn't want to sand off the "weathered" part of the wood, but we needed the vinyl to stick to it.
Then we put a little white paint on it.
Not a lot, because I wanted to preserve the weathered look of the wood.
The transfer paper on the vinyl actually took off a little more paint and made it look perfect!
The whole project took about 20 minutes.
Yep, easy right?
The most time-consuming part was the pictures (LOL).
So, head over to Very Jane and support my friend Sami from Perfectly Spaced!!!
Make sure to tell me what your plans are for your Welcome vinyl.
I still have a white one that I want to use and would LOVE some fun ideas!

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  1. Nice work but where do you get the vinyl lettering?