Friday, June 3, 2011

My Retro-Momma Makeover

Since we were down to our last few days together, my sister Brooke and I decided to re-make one more thrift store dress.  This is the before:

(you may not notice, but it has this fancy matching belt :) and it's a little big.  It's a size 14.  Brooke says not to look at sizes because you can always make it work). we go...
First we chopped it off.
All of you seamstresses out there might cringe, but we didn't even use sewing scissors.  We just grabbed out kitchen scissors and chopped away.
Notice the mismatched buttons...ha ha.
We cut the dress off right in between a set of buttons so that we didn't end up with a button in a weird place (like too close to the top or bottom).

And the after:
Dress: thrifted $1.95
Cardigan: thrifted from Buffalo Exchange $7
Shoes: "Wanted" from Marshall's $15
Jewelry: downtown L.A.
belt: thrifted $3
Brooke had to convince me to buy the dress because I thought it was so ugly.
Once you pair it with a few cute pieces, it turns into something completely different.
The waistline of the dress is actually really low, but Brooke said you would never notice, so we belted it up high anyway.  And, the orange in the cardigan is a different orange than the dress, but it all still works.
Brooke spent only about 5 minutes on my hair and made it look so cute!
She put a little braid on each side and scooped it up into a messy bun, then curled the stray pieces that hung down.  Super easy and cute.  I love having ideas to pull my hair up and get it out of the way, but still look like my hair is "done."  I'm always pulling my hair up in the summer.

Check out this ring of Brooke's that I borrowed...
It's from a store called "Girl Talk" and it was $2 for 3 rings.
Such a great deal!
This little one was dying to be held, so here I am with my baby :)
We matched in orange.


  1. Wow... the 'before' was kinda ugly. I don't think I would have looked twice... BUT I'm totally loving the 'after'

  2. very cute final project!!! and your little guy is the best accessory of all!

  3. Wow! What a great outfit! I wonder how many potentially cute size 14 dresses I've missed!

  4. SUPER CUTE!!! Dying to try to do this!
    Can I borrow Brooke for every morning to dress me and do my hair?? Lol.

  5. oh my gosh I would have puked if brooke told me to buy that BUT the after is to die for! SO cute! I love the pop of orange with it!

  6. Wow! You really turned this into something adorable! I am your newest follower :)

  7. After I read your post I couldn't wait to go thrift shopping! I usually never find something I like, but this time I went with an open mind, and I'm super happy with the result! Our thrift stores are a bit more expensive here in Northern California, but I've got a brand new dress for the summer, for 10 bucks, not bad! :)

  8. Amazing transformation...loving the after pics so much!