Wednesday, June 15, 2011


These are the kind of things that happen when your 12 year old little brother is in charge:
Ha ha, I thought it was hilarious!
Maybe I'll try it the next time I need to multitask :)
My 12 year old little brother was just in town visiting and my kids were in heaven.
They love their Uncle Kasen and love having a "big brother" around.
He had to go home to California today and we've had quite a few meltdowns about it.
Wish us luck...Saxon has already informed me that 
"this is going to be the baddest day ever!"

Here's a quick story from having Uncle Kasen in town:

We decided to all go to the water park while Kasen (and his friend) were in town visiting.  I asked the big boys to watch the little boys while I went to rent some tubes.  They agreed.  When I got back, Kasen tells me,

"Umm, Dalton pooped.  He's holding poop in his hand, but we didn't take it away because we didn't want to touch it. can take him."

Sure enough, Dalton had an explosion just as we get to the water park.  And can you guess the best part...I forgot wipes.  It was a disaster.


  1. oh my goodness that smile of melts my heart! I miss them like crazy. Just come back already!!