Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter around the World!

 When I was in college, I spent a semester in Romania and was there for Easter.
In Romania, they fill huge pots with dye and color TONS of eggs!
The kids play a game where they smash their eggs into each others to see which will break first.
We had a blast dying vats of Easter eggs and trying all of the traditional Easter food (some were better than others).  My roommates found that pickled watermelon isn't as bad as it sounds.  I didn't even try...
Midnight Mass is also a huge part of Easter.
Everyone in the city gathers to listen and light their candles.
When I went back the next year we arrived at the airport and had to travel up north for about 6 hours.  We got there just before midnight, and guess what day...Easter :)
I was able to be there for Easter 2 years in a row!

When I was living in Brazil we were invited to sing at the Cathedral in town.  It was beautiful and such an honor to be asked to be a part of the tradition.  We didn't dye Easter eggs, but it is a tradition to only eat fish on the Friday before Easter, so we did that :)

 Now that I'm home, I celebrate Easter the way we always did growing up:
-Easter Egg Hunt
-Dying Easter eggs
-New Easter outfits for church

One of my husband's coworkers lived in Ecuador for a while and introduced us to a fun new way to celebrate Easter:

 She gave us 2 dozen colored, hollowed out eggs, filled with confetti for the kids to smash over each others heads.
Two dozen went way too quickly once my boys started smashing eggs!

How do you celebrate Easter?

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