Wednesday, April 27, 2011

attempt #256

Today, we had one of those mornings.
I woke up late (since I was up til 2 a.m. quilting...but that's another story),
so I had to rush the kids to get ready for school (which never goes well).
My kids don't rush.
The harder I push to hurry...the slower they seem to move.
We finally make it out the door, baby still in his jammies, and get to preschool 20 minutes late.
Since I didn't have time to wrap the package I was supposed to mail, and forgot the check I was supposed to cash, we opted for a trip to the gas station and a large diet coke instead :)
Bridger and I each picked a drink and I bought a pack of licorice for us to share.
Sure enough, I left the licorice on top of the car when I drove away.  

So when I had visions of a photo shoot with Bridger this morning, holding my newly painted "I am a child of God" sign, smiling, sun shining, birds singing, beautiful spring weather. etc...I should have known better...

So while holding the baby in one arm (still in his jammies) and the camera in the other, I tried everything I could think of:
"Look at Mommy"
"Say Cheese!"
"I'll give you a treat..."
 After a couple hundred attempts, this is the best we could do:

 "I am a child of God" hand painted distressed wood sign.
Custom colors available.

Ha ha...oh well.
We'll try again another day!
How was your morning?


  1. At least the weather looks pretty there! Here in Memphis, we are surrounded by tornados and thunderstorms! 3 days of rain is really getting old! I love the way the pictures turned out. So cute!

  2. hahahahah okay this is stinkin hilarious! The sign is so cute and your little boy is adorable! I can tell her was trying, it just wasn't working!