Hi, I'm Caitlin! 
I'm just a girl from California, who married a boy from Nevada, 
and had 3 crazy boys who we are now raising in Utah.
I love to blog so I can keep track of all of my favorite ideas, recipes, photos, and adventures with my boys!  I started my etsy shop as a creative outlet and a way to help support my family.  
It's been kind of a whirlwind, but we're loving it!

I've had some pretty cool experiences in my life so far...

I went on an internship to Romania while I was studying at BYU to work in an orphanage.
A year later, I went back with 2 friends on our own to try and do some work with the street kids and the kids in the special needs orphanage.
A month after coming home from Romania, I left on a mission for my church to Porto Alegre, Brazil.  I lived and worked and served in southern Brazil for 18 months, and then I came home and finished up my degree at BYU.
I graduated with with a degree in Sociology and a minor in International Development.
I started working at a treatment center for teenage girls, where a friend introduced me to NATE :)  We clicked right away.  We became best friends and we got married in Los Angeles in 2005.  A year and a half later we added to our family when Saxon was born, then 2 years later Bridger, and 2 years later came Dalton.
But of all of the experiences I've had so far...

This is the best:
Motherhood and everything that comes with it.
Even the stress and the fear, sleepless nights, EXHAUSTION...
Because all of it is balanced out with the joy, laughter, learning, growing, and most of all, LOVING.
I love my family and this blog is about my adventures trying to make the most of: MOTHERHOOD.
Cooking, crafting, creating, playing, ideas, photography, budgeting, learning to sew, sometimes failing, the messes, the chaos, and most of all, the joy!

Thanks for stopping by!
I hope you'll stay and look around.
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